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Wholesale B&B Nursery

Established in 1993, Plantation Tree Company has quickly set the standard for quality field grown trees and ornamentals.  Located in central Alabama at the end of the Appalachian Plateau, our climate of moderate winters and plentiful rain combined with our deep clay soil provides for an unsurpassed growing environment.

Premium liners

Premium liners from the best growers in the country are carefully planted and maintained. They are then nurtured by drip irrigation, fertilization and proper pruning to insure that our plants consistently meet the high standards of quality that our customers have come to expect.

Uniform Trees

We pride ourselves on the quality and  consistency of our plant material.  We go to great lenghts to insure that we have uniform heads, straight central leaders, and solid branching structure, along with superb root systems.  All this combined with great attention to detail in the digging and loading process insures that you receive a premium quality tree in the best possible condition.


Plantation Trees wholesale tree farm from the air


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