About us

Plantation Tree Company is a Wholesale Nursery with B&B as our primary business, but also growing bareroot crapemyrtle liners in the field as well as 15 & 30 gallon containers . We currently have 380 acres in b&b production, 20 acres in bareroot crapemyrtle production and 5 acres in container production.

As a grower of premium quality trees and shrubs for the landscape market we are continually updating our product mix to meet our customer needs.  Plantation has always tried to keep on the leading edge of the industries trends.  We have introduced three plants to the industry.  A superb Vitex 'Lilac Queen', an unusual Magnolia 'Cinnamon Twist', and an outstanding magnolia that has become a standard in the industry the 'Green Giant' Magnolia.  As a leader in the industry we strive to give excellent customer service, unmatched plant material and a commitment to making sure you fulfill your customer’s expectations.

Our Team